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Writing @ WorldHistoryWriter.com

The World History Writer provides articles of interest to thinking people on all subjects related to world history. We focus on ideas, questions, controversies and books. This is a kind of everyman and woman’s historical library, providing short commentaries, such as the Middle East Primer, or the World History Quickies, as well as slightly [...]

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Writing @ medium.com

Medium, a place where everyone has a story to share and the best ones are delivered right to you. Check out Look Smart! Ten Ways to Appear Intelligent (When you’re not) and other writing on Medium. 

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Wine Dark Sea

With its extremes of landscape and climate, hybrid culture and ‘unresolved’ history, Sicily is a European enigma. Part photography monograph, part contemporary travel literature, this beautiful book details Cole’s fascination with Sicily, from its ancient, unremitting terrain to the ‘murky, Kafkaesque’ quality of its political and social reality. With photographs and an introduction by [...]

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The End of History 2.0

History to date has been a story of polities becoming larger—through warfare. The End of History 2.0 It is ironic, perhaps, but writing a world history, which involves telling hundreds of stories, makes one realize how few truly significant stories there really are in that history. Most significant among these is not [...]

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