Wine Dark Sea

With its extremes of landscape and climate, hybrid culture and ‘unresolved’ history, Sicily is a European enigma. Part photography monograph, part contemporary travel literature, this beautiful book details Cole’s fascination with Sicily, from its ancient, unremitting terrain to the ‘murky, Kafkaesque’ quality of its political and social reality. With photographs and an introduction by [...]

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The End of History 2.0

History to date has been a story of polities becoming larger—through warfare. The End of History 2.0 It is ironic, perhaps, but writing a world history, which involves telling hundreds of stories, makes one realize how few truly significant stories there really are in that history. Most significant among these is not [...]

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The Thinking Past: Questions and Problems in World History to 1750

A College-level textbook for world history. Published by Oxford University Press (2014) This is a book that rethinks global history in provocative ways. It asks big questions and provides big answers. Professor Guido Ruggiero, University of Miami.  The Thinking Past delves into the deeper questions of the human condition that make the study of [...]

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Indian Night, North American Review

On the night my brother returned from India, I was busy trying to lose my virginity. It was August, I think, and the day had been hot. In the warm light of the late afternoon, my father drove his Triumph station wagon to meet Totnes off the train from London. He had travelled non-stop [...]

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Night, the Desert and a Car

- Midwest Book Review says... "This annual collection of great stories from the road comes from various award-winning writers - including Solas Awards winners - and represents the best in travel literature writing, making it a powerful pick for any library strong in travel writing. The Best Travel Writing 2008: True Stories From Around the [...]

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Crazy Diamond

The points of view and perspectives in The Best Travel Writing 2009 are global, and the themes encompass high adventure, spiritual growth, romance, hilarity, misadventure, service to humanity, and encounters with exotic cuisine. Reading these stories is like sitting in a cafe filled with fellow travelers swapping tales about past adventures and ideas on [...]

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